Get Ready With Us: Kim and Kylie

I do Kim's makeup using all KKW BEAUTY and Kylie Cosmetics products, including my new Lipstick Kit shade, Girls Trip, launching January 22 on


  1. Ningi Davies

    Ningi DaviesPrije 6 sati

    Love these people

  2. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije dan

    Lo ve your videos k ylie j enner. 💗❤💗❤💖❤

  3. Sathya Muthu

    Sathya MuthuPrije 2 dana

    Why no one is talking about 1:25? She said nothing in my food instead of fridge😂

  4. water melon

    water melonPrije 2 dana

    Kim is my absolute favorite Kardashian ❤

  5. Prabhleen Kaur

    Prabhleen KaurPrije 2 dana

    Y'all know that the Kardashians show is scripted right? Or am I wrong?

  6. Jatin Jain

    Jatin JainPrije 3 dana

    Kylie is sooo perfect sooo soo cutiee

  7. Mary's Women Ministries Of Light

    Mary's Women Ministries Of LightPrije 4 dana

    We keep it classy

  8. Mary's Women Ministries Of Light

    Mary's Women Ministries Of LightPrije 4 dana

    My two personalities ❤

  9. Laila Cele

    Laila CelePrije 4 dana

    The way kim is so jealous of kylie like that fealty rich look

  10. Dylan Sabbat

    Dylan SabbatPrije 5 dana

    I know she has surgeries but Kim is truly beautiful, I mean wow😍

  11. Devvin Lee

    Devvin LeePrije 5 dana

    I remember a hot summer back in 2011 watching khloe wish on an eyelash lol…


    BANGTAN ARMYPrije 5 dana

    hope for a part 2

  13. Sahasra

    SahasraPrije 5 dana

    kylie looks a little like shruti hassan

  14. Emily Rey

    Emily ReyPrije 5 dana

    ITS SO CRAZY how i remember the day she uploaded this video like it was yesterday.... time flies

  15. Bryce Ewy

    Bryce EwyPrije 5 dana

    I thought Kim's short story of her dad commenting on her mascara was so sweet.

  16. Pari S

    Pari SPrije 6 dana

    Kylie: "The flick...I'm going to trademark that". Kim: "Someone already did". Can the US wake the eff up and stop allowing people to trademark words!? The most ridiculous thing ever! Same thing with lawsuits. Unless your ass got beat the eff up or you got injured on someone else's property because the building came collapsing down on you - stop allowing people to sue over the dumbest things.

  17. Pari S

    Pari SPrije 6 dana

    The Kylie look...more like the Tamanna Roshan from DressYourFace look! Crazy how Tam was the one that made it mainstream and taught it to millions and it took a life of its own after. Became every makeup artist and HRchartsr's go to. People act like they don't even remember how to do make up without contouring and some people don't even need it. Great job Kylie. I could see you being a makeup artist. Your whole aura glows when talking about makeup and doing makeup. Your passion shines through!

  18. camila Rodriguez

    camila RodriguezPrije 6 dana

    Soy la única persona que no entiende lo q dicen porque hablan inglés y yo hablo español 🦋


    TONYA LYNETTEPrije 6 dana

    HRchartsr Beautifully Syndie was talking about this video pretty cool..

  20. Vida Armonia

    Vida ArmoniaPrije 7 dana

    8:38 CHEAP SH*T 😂😭😂

  21. 🖤Abigail Playz ✨

    🖤Abigail Playz ✨Prije 7 dana

    9:32 SISTAR LOVE ❤️ KYLIE’S FACE 😂😁🔥

  22. Transformación Con Lola

    Transformación Con LolaPrije 8 dana

    I didn’t like it at all

  23. Mulisa Museri

    Mulisa MuseriPrije 8 dana

    You know you Rich Af when you have Drink Fridges 😵

  24. Animals Matter

    Animals MatterPrije 9 dana

    Illuminati scum. Sheeple worship false idols. Pathetic!?


    SARDAR SALMAN AMIRPrije 9 dana

    Kylie do makeup very carefully

  26. Tanya Maji

    Tanya MajiPrije 9 dana

    kylie : i will keep your lash as a souviner kim : hater kylie : sorry kim : HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  27. zane shepherd

    zane shepherdPrije 9 dana

    I've heard Kylie sing a few times ....all I can say is lucky she has a make up empire.....

  28. R Loop

    R LoopPrije 9 dana

    I like how the sisters support each other, that is what is family!

  29. Mari Angeli Torres

    Mari Angeli TorresPrije 10 dana


  30. Bhavya Deepika

    Bhavya DeepikaPrije 10 dana

    She called it cheap shit I know she wasn’t supposed to say that !!

  31. Muamer Redzepovic

    Muamer RedzepovicPrije 10 dana

    znaci 35 i 26 za tri bacanja u omegi i ni ja ni sam vise ni u sali ne zaposčljavamo hhhhaa odo malo smiriti ruku pa u 10 ponovo na pedu stojakovica hhhhaaa


    TONYA LYNETTEPrije 10 dana

    HRchartsr Beautifully Syndie is gonna make a video on using her cosmetics 💄.

  33. SmokiestDust85 YT

    SmokiestDust85 YTPrije 10 dana


  34. Elizabeth Ho

    Elizabeth HoPrije 11 dana

    Kim and kylie are saying bad words lol



    I want more videos with Kim...🌺

  36. Asmr By Ay

    Asmr By AyPrije 11 dana

    8:50 CHEAP SH*T thank me later ;)

  37. luna

    lunaPrije 11 dana

    Namshi 25% coupon ‏" RF5EVLUI "

  38. Amanda Eisenhut

    Amanda EisenhutPrije 12 dana

    You guys are both so gorgeous big fan!!!! Love u guys!!!

  39. José Álvaro Osorio Balvín

    José Álvaro Osorio BalvínPrije 12 dana


  40. Jim Bryan

    Jim BryanPrije 12 dana


  41. TikTok Vibes

    TikTok VibesPrije 12 dana

    Beautiful 🥰

  42. Araksya Chilingaryan

    Araksya ChilingaryanPrije 13 dana


  43. Nivedita Ruchi chauhan

    Nivedita Ruchi chauhanPrije 13 dana

    I would be a makeup artist if I wasn't Kylie Jenner. ~ KYLIE KRISTEN JENNER

  44. Chad & Sarah

    Chad & SarahPrije 13 dana

    That's cool to know she set her schools record for the high jump. That's def something I didn't know. That's cool asf tho frl. love Kylie and Khloe their my faves ❤️❤️❤️

  45. development, peace and meaningful

    development, peace and meaningfulPrije 13 dana

    i love kylie hairstyle

  46. William Tyrone Davis jr 😌

    William Tyrone Davis jr 😌Prije 13 dana


  47. # -l

    # -lPrije 14 dana


  48. itsRaiaMuru

    itsRaiaMuruPrije 14 dana


  49. Don’t_eat_us

    Don’t_eat_usPrije 14 dana

    It’s crazy how Kim’s 40

  50. Queen Anne

    Queen AnnePrije 15 dana

    Adoooro! 😂😂😂😂

  51. Bxtchesmia _

    Bxtchesmia _Prije 15 dana

    I love her hair here

  52. Ishika De

    Ishika DePrije 16 dana

    Johnny Depp ❤

  53. sparkle gazer

    sparkle gazerPrije 16 dana

    This was fun. Ky outfit is everything here. I loved it when she was rockin this style with the finger piece they were some of the best outfits wish she had done it longer.

  54. kirby

    kirbyPrije 16 dana

    i feel like kylie would be amazing at ASMR

  55. Tiffany Thompson

    Tiffany ThompsonPrije 16 dana

    Very addme

  56. Erin Rose

    Erin RosePrije 18 dana

    Big mistake and big opportunity missed on their part for not linking all the products in the description box! Epic fail! 😂

  57. Tabassum Iqbal

    Tabassum IqbalPrije 18 dana

    Kim without makeup looks so much younger lol

  58. Akira Mothilal

    Akira MothilalPrije 14 dana

    Because she is a natural beauty


    WARDA LMCPrije 19 dana


  60. Cururu Luiza

    Cururu LuizaPrije 20 dana

    Kylie e verdade que vc chuta pobres?

  61. Ana Júlia de Godoy Garcia

    Ana Júlia de Godoy GarciaPrije 21 dan

    Não entendi nada de inglês mas tô aqui

  62. Anahit Davtyan

    Anahit DavtyanPrije 22 dana

    Thank u for this positive 😘😘😘

  63. Fernanda Jara

    Fernanda JaraPrije 22 dana

    i don't know about you, but i'd always watch this video because Kylie's voice is kind of an asmr.

  64. Bipasha Chowdhury

    Bipasha ChowdhuryPrije 22 dana

    When you have kris Jenner as a mom, everything is possible 🙂👍

  65. Cook book 📚 diary

    Cook book 📚 diaryPrije 23 dana

    Plastic girls!! They have set the beauty standard too much !! So stop promoting them!! Helpless girls

  66. Your Garfield

    Your GarfieldPrije 23 dana

    Anyone who knows kims tops neckline name ??kindly please reply or anyone who knows the name of Kim's wearing ? Tnx in advance 🖤

  67. Matthew T Crane

    Matthew T CranePrije 24 dana

    Watching makeup? Me? Hm? I really enjoy your talent it's cool to see family being family

  68. Theresa Thorne

    Theresa ThornePrije 24 dana

    Ie it me or all there’s girls start to look like they have way toooooo much of work and lost were they came from tooooo much work on their faces soooo Sad !!

  69. Мусуралиева Дария

    Мусуралиева ДарияPrije 25 dana


  70. Baleed Ali

    Baleed AliPrije 25 dana

    U are the cat.

  71. Baleed Ali

    Baleed AliPrije 25 dana

    I took the bike for a spin.

  72. Baleed Ali

    Baleed AliPrije 25 dana

    Yes formation 100.

  73. Pizza Boy

    Pizza BoyPrije 27 dana


  74. Tracey Huynh

    Tracey HuynhPrije 28 dana

    I love Kim and Kylie. 💗💗❤️❤️ My favourite is Kim kardashian and Kylie jenner

  75. Jade

    JadePrije 29 dana

    kylie's voice is so soothing

  76. Jade

    JadePrije 7 dana

    @esperanza wanjiru talking to yourself?

  77. esperanza wanjiru

    esperanza wanjiruPrije 7 dana

    get a life

  78. Amanda MALCOLM

    Amanda MALCOLMPrije 29 dana

    The neighborly ashtray interspecifically realise because curtain periodically mug on a slim throne. shrill, imaginary hole


    ZEHRALÍSA QUEENPrije 29 dana

    Kim i hate u

  80. Michelle G.

    Michelle G.Prije 29 dana

    I love these make up shin digs while talking sincerely with one another. Sisterly L❤️VE

  81. Efath

    EfathPrije mjesec

    no one : kylie : situation

  82. matheus

    matheusPrije mjesec

    duas horríveis

  83. marvin turner

    marvin turnerPrije mjesec

    Kim is adorably dull

  84. Amanda MALCOLM

    Amanda MALCOLMPrije mjesec

    The reflective belief unfortunately shave because block unsurprisingly shelter unto a ugly hall. giddy, pink radish

  85. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije mjesec


  86. Vaishnavi Kadam

    Vaishnavi KadamPrije mjesec

    Even if we get Kylie,Kim,Khloé,Koutney and Kendall's half annual income then we'll not need a single note till our whole life not even if we buy a mansion. What do you think????

  87. rodolfo cabuslay

    rodolfo cabuslayPrije mjesec

    I didn't know kylie has a big sister!

  88. Ethentent

    EthententPrije mjesec

    Kylie's dress looks like brain matter.

  89. Lisa Kribel

    Lisa KribelPrije mjesec


  90. Davi Ribeiro Jenner Kardashian

    Davi Ribeiro Jenner KardashianPrije mjesec

    it's amazing, Kylie! i love you Kim and Kylie.

  91. Sarah

    SarahPrije mjesec

    "Stormi is such a Stormi"

  92. R S

    R SPrije mjesec

    Kylie seems really sweet.

  93. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije mjesec

    Love your looks ❤😍😘❤❤😍😘😘😍

  94. Tae Tae

    Tae TaePrije mjesec

    I don't know why these Americans want to look tanned.. I mean why...

  95. jagadeesh sangaru

    jagadeesh sangaruPrije mjesec

    are you back with travis scooth

  96. Sharon fox

    Sharon foxPrije mjesec

    I think this is so cute because sometimes little little sisters or little sisters always want to be like their big sisters and last night me and my mom were talking about this that sometimes Kylie wants to look like you because well you love your sister a lot and you to just look like her means you want to be like her and you’re inspired by her to do a lot of things and I think that is so amazing whatever people say about you don’t listen to them even if it’s really mean just MoveOn because they’re not really your fans they just want to say things and I think this is so cute and horrible and I really love it

  97. A B

    A BPrije mjesec

    I'm re watching this just to hear Kim call it cheap shit

  98. Taavishi bisht

    Taavishi bishtPrije mjesec

    kylie your voice is amazing just soo soo sooo..soothing

  99. Clown Whisper

    Clown WhisperPrije mjesec

    who the fuck cares about these trash people??? why did this shit even autoplay on my pc? ugg

  100. Le'Oni Storm

    Le'Oni StormPrije mjesec

    imagine them replying to your question

  101. Евгения Елькина

    Евгения ЕлькинаPrije mjesec

    The numerous plough technologically plant because swordfish behaviourally record failing a dynamic brow. wanting, rotten turn

  102. Keisha Nadia Monica

    Keisha Nadia MonicaPrije mjesec

    I love their voice

  103. Maram hmd

    Maram hmdPrije mjesec

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸✌️✌️