I do Kourtney's makeup using all Kylie Cosmetics products!


  1. Jatin Jain

    Jatin JainPrije 13 sati

    Kylie is soo 🥰🔥

  2. Red Ruby

    Red RubyPrije dan

    8:25 wow does Kim not listen to what ppl say wen it’s not her talking

  3. Bridget Anderson

    Bridget AndersonPrije 2 dana

    I was dying when kort didn’t know what to tell her 23 year old self. You can tell they’ve never had any real trauma in their life lol. Love it lmfao. Also kortney is the ultimate mother in my eyes she is really amazing for being a mother in Hollywood and trying to keep that balance.

  4. rajkumar321

    rajkumar321Prije 2 dana


  5. rajkumar321

    rajkumar321Prije 2 dana


  6. Jazmin garcia

    Jazmin garciaPrije 2 dana

    wig ?😩how many inches is itsszzz!!!!

  7. Virgo Golden

    Virgo GoldenPrije 3 dana

    Now I know from where Kloe has learnt not to touch the eyebrows .

  8. Virgo Golden

    Virgo GoldenPrije 3 dana

    I love how independent are they all. Like it shines through them

  9. Noland Hardesty

    Noland HardestyPrije 3 dana

    i know this sounds bad... but Kourtney really is super boring. like probably the most boring out of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.. I mean, I absolutely love her. and yes; she is dead gorgeous! with a really nice personality... but sometimes she is dull and boring... lol but I do LOVE YOU KOURTNEY!! 😂😂😂❤️

  10. Lizeka Biyana

    Lizeka BiyanaPrije 5 dana

    She is beautiful. The most interesting to look at.

  11. Rhadieee Celocia

    Rhadieee CelociaPrije 5 dana

    To be honest Kourtney is way more younger looking than kylie😩

  12. Siri Anna

    Siri AnnaPrije 7 dana

    I miss the kourt Khloe wild duo...

  13. esperanza wanjiru

    esperanza wanjiruPrije 7 dana

    Kylie jenners kris's mouth will never allow her to be piuriful

  14. Faydell Kadelyn Serna

    Faydell Kadelyn SernaPrije 7 dana

    For some reason this look ky had just has me in aww, everything's so pretty n simple, the hair, outfit, makeup especially 😍 I love the elegance, simplicity & rare beauty of kourt💜

  15. J Lakatos

    J LakatosPrije 7 dana

    I guess when you are as plastic as the Kardashians you need to cover up the seams.

  16. Omer Naaman

    Omer NaamanPrije 8 dana

    Kylie needs to make a video of stormi doing her makeup

  17. Elona Kelmendi

    Elona KelmendiPrije 8 dana

    I need a “Kylie” in my life so badly, or actually be a “Kylie”

  18. vishwashikha sharma

    vishwashikha sharmaPrije 9 dana


    JAPANESE JENNPrije 9 dana

    Really Kim ??? 😩😩😩


    JAPANESE JENNPrije 9 dana


  21. LearningByWatching101

    LearningByWatching101Prije 9 dana

    I wish they didn’t fast forward through them talking because I love hearing Kourtneys stories! I love her! Makeup looks so pretty! A little heavy, but very elegant!

  22. Belinda Smith

    Belinda SmithPrije 9 dana

  23. حياه جميله

    حياه جميلهPrije 9 dana

    I always forget that she’s the oldest.

  24. Hannah Marie

    Hannah MariePrije 9 dana

    Kourtney always tries to make herself look good 🤣 'there are people that are dying'. Please. You barely do anything and you're a millionaire. You don't know what it's like to struggle.

  25. Pastel Boba

    Pastel BobaPrije 10 dana

    Hi Kylie

  26. Jasmine L

    Jasmine LPrije 10 dana

    I know some make fun of the way Kourtney speaks but I actually love it, she's so calming and monotone lol

  27. CIAO

    CIAOPrije 10 dana

    “Kylie, there’s people that are starving” *baby on the hands

  28. CIAO

    CIAOPrije 7 dana

    @esperanza wanjiru holding a coconut lol

  29. esperanza wanjiru

    esperanza wanjiruPrije 7 dana

    and she is doing nothing about them

  30. Bhavya Deepika

    Bhavya DeepikaPrije 10 dana

    I want kylie to do my makeup like literally look at that she just like shapes the face..

  31. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana

    🖤 my KOURTNEY Soooooo much babe

  32. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana

    🖤 my KOURTNEY Soooooo much babe

  33. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana

    🖤 my KOURTNEY Soooooo much babe

  34. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana

    🖤 my KOURTNEY Soooooo much babe

  35. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana

    🖤 my KOURTNEY

  36. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana


  37. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana


  38. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana


  39. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 10 dana


  40. Sexy Gypsygirl

    Sexy GypsygirlPrije 10 dana

    Can't wait for Khloe to get a makeover from you next

  41. manuel antonio ortega Flores

    manuel antonio ortega FloresPrije 10 dana

    You and your sister are buity

  42. Antonio Escalera

    Antonio EscaleraPrije 10 dana

    She looks native from her country, beautiful!

  43. Stephanie Zaldivar

    Stephanie ZaldivarPrije 10 dana

    Kourt is actually funny lol

  44. xxxtx Li

    xxxtx LiPrije 11 dana

    Firesign vibeees 🔥


    ZARA LMNHPrije 11 dana

    no doubt that the kardashian jenners has the best parenting advice in this whole world.

  46. yi xu

    yi xuPrije 11 dana your favorite legging or bra here

  47. LEESYJ 10

    LEESYJ 10Prije 11 dana

    God bless yall!!❤️✝️

  48. luna

    lunaPrije 11 dana

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  49. Jabberwocky

    JabberwockyPrije 12 dana

    This really was what Kylie was meant to do in life. You can see the passion with which she approaches it. She's so inspiring. I hope to one day find my calling as she has done.

  50. Cassandra Alvarez

    Cassandra AlvarezPrije 12 dana

    Waaaaaait is that ring even real?!?! That diamond is freakin HUGGGGGGE 😳

  51. Gigi Fontanilla

    Gigi FontanillaPrije 12 dana

    Kourtney looks a little like Marisa Tomei

  52. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije 12 dana

    Keep making videos kylie jenner

  53. Mel Rose

    Mel RosePrije 13 dana

    “rob is my secret soulmate” ma’am

  54. Helen Diaz

    Helen DiazPrije 13 dana

    Kylie shampoo hair line

  55. CompleteBeautyTreat

    CompleteBeautyTreatPrije 14 dana

    Aww the motherly advice was so great! That’s what I’ve always wanted from my parents, my mom especially

  56. Michelle Lacaden

    Michelle LacadenPrije 15 dana I hope you see it kylie

  57. Maria Klo

    Maria KloPrije 16 dana


  58. Mari Angeli Torres

    Mari Angeli TorresPrije 16 dana


  59. kirby

    kirbyPrije 16 dana

    there would be no kardashians without kourt

  60. rosewaters

    rosewatersPrije 16 dana

    please make more I’m living for this !

  61. sagi

    sagiPrije 17 dana

    Ok but everything she says is really true and lovely

  62. Love To Live

    Love To LivePrije 17 dana

    U r really lucky u can afford these products ,we can't afford them even if we love to do skin care routine and makeup, god always bless you and u should never face these kind of problems.

  63. Demi-Minwi

    Demi-MinwiPrije 17 dana

    The Kardashians and Jenners kill me with their relationship with God when I never seen one episode when they ate praying for people and doing something at church or even going to church. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Demi-Minwi

    Demi-MinwiPrije 17 dana

    Kourtney is such a natural beauty

  65. ROSHNI

    ROSHNIPrije 17 dana


  66. Rebecca Beeston

    Rebecca BeestonPrije 18 dana

    You need to do a drunk get ready with me with Kim!!!!!

  67. Yo favorite short

    Yo favorite shortPrije 19 dana

    Check out Kylie Jenner’s full workout routine

  68. Cass Ass

    Cass AssPrije 20 dana

    Wow Kylie did a great job on Kourtney!

  69. • Chöcôlåte Cōọkïe YT •

    • Chöcôlåte Cōọkïe YT •Prije 20 dana

    Love Them ♥️

  70. Geetha Geetha

    Geetha GeethaPrije 20 dana

    U really good because u come in my dream u told me in my dream work hard do hard hmm

  71. Marta Arias

    Marta AriasPrije 20 dana

    Te amo Kyle eres mi princesa favorita te adoro

  72. Elizabeth Figueroa

    Elizabeth FigueroaPrije 20 dana

    Okay but like Kylie hair ❤️👍

  73. Jennifer Vee

    Jennifer VeePrije 20 dana

    Damn !!! Kylie snapped ! Her make up looks so stunning !!!

  74. Kaia Sousa

    Kaia SousaPrije 21 dan


  75. maria angeles hernandez

    maria angeles hernandezPrije 22 dana

    my favourite kardashian is kourtney

  76. angxlpunch

    angxlpunchPrije 22 dana

    Tbh I thought Kourtney was 20,30 and I also thought she already had makeup on when they started she's beautiful

  77. Julia Valiengo

    Julia ValiengoPrije 22 dana

    Guys I created a channel for myself. In it I will be telling my story of how I survived being born with ONFALOCELE with an open belly. If you guys can go there and give me a hand. Thanks😘

  78. Renegade the Rapper

    Renegade the RapperPrije 22 dana

    I know stormy is gonna look way different than Kylie when she grows up but Kylie seems like such a loving, affectionate and devoted mom and Kylie knows what it is like to suffer from self esteem issues and I'm sure she is gonna be very protective of her child's self confidence. I feel like none of us have a place to judge whether or not Stormy is going to grow up "needing therapy". My mom was nothing like Kylie and amazing in her own way and bruh I need therapy 😂 my mom was a drug addict. I feel like a mom with plastic surgery is the least of a child's concern if you've been exposed to the REAL world where some ppl like I did as a kid had to watch our moms get absolutely hammered on alcohol and opiates and you have to take care of them when you're a toddler. So ya maybe don't judge so harshly. No parent is perfect but she has every right to be a mom!

  79. suz__asmr

    suz__asmrPrije 23 dana

    I seriously love Kylie and kourtney. They’re my favorites 🥰

  80. Neo Garden Knome

    Neo Garden KnomePrije 23 dana

    - Kourtney, about the low blow, which I see is still hurting you. How does one compare the stars to the moon? How can one choose between the moon and the sun? 🌿✨⭐ Ps. I know what it's like Kim to say something out of anger, and not mean it. Though I've learnt most of all, our words are something we can never un-say. ✨🌿 God Bless you both on your journey to healing xox ❤️ I'm a sister too. So I feel you. Xox

  81. Harvey Gaming

    Harvey GamingPrije 23 dana

    You both are Loko

  82. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije 23 dana

    Thank you kylie jenner

  83. Kelsey Lynch

    Kelsey LynchPrije 23 dana

    How does Kourtney look younger than Kylie?

  84. swtlikecndy

    swtlikecndyPrije 24 dana

    Wow kourt looks gorgeous at the end!! 🤩 Kylie did a great job! 😵

  85. Retaj Salah

    Retaj SalahPrije 25 dana

    I love the idea of having a kid on young age so u can grow up together and be friends and enjoy this relationship while you still have ur energy and youth 💝

  86. Ia D. S.

    Ia D. S.Prije 25 dana

    Kourtney is my favorite. Beautiful 👑

  87. Jocelyn Cisneros

    Jocelyn CisnerosPrije 25 dana

    Reminder: God loves you! Have a great day!

  88. Angela Izzo

    Angela IzzoPrije 26 dana

    Mad cover up for NO reason and barely did anything, also part of her neck dont match..... 😫

  89. Myles Rodgers

    Myles RodgersPrije 26 dana

    Kourtney got black features I used to say she looked like singer Ann marie

  90. Joseline Ruiz

    Joseline RuizPrije 27 dana

    Your products testing in animal it's horrible

  91. Armağan

    ArmağanPrije 27 dana

    She thinks too much while speaking 😐

  92. Zhavia Zhu

    Zhavia ZhuPrije 27 dana

    Kim sounds like a bitch otp😂

  93. Pizza Boy

    Pizza BoyPrije 27 dana


  94. Reyna Maldonado

    Reyna MaldonadoPrije 27 dana

    Hello Kelly

  95. Madison Velvet

    Madison VelvetPrije 29 dana

    kourtney is humble

  96. abcdefghijklmnop

    abcdefghijklmnopPrije mjesec

    on the time lapse scenes, is it just me or does Kourtney kinda look like Kim?

  97. La Flor

    La FlorPrije mjesec

    Kylie no se Rie, en todas sus fotos no hay una riéndose, tendrá complejo o que será?

  98. Altacie encara mucho Lafosse

    Altacie encara mucho LafossePrije mjesec

    Hola como estas mi amor quiero ser tú amiga por favor

  99. Simply cute Blossom

    Simply cute BlossomPrije mjesec

    Kourt is always a new person

  100. mamta bawa

    mamta bawaPrije mjesec

    I'm a big fan ✨✨😊