VLOG: My 2019 Christmas Decorations

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I love making my house festive for the holidays. Join Stormi and me as we take you on a home tour and share our holiday decorations.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Xo Kylie Jenner


  1. Voidital _

    Voidital _Prije 22 sati

    Stormi: b-b-b-Birkin! Kylie: she said the birkins

  2. Trishita Unicorñita🤪

    Trishita Unicorñita🤪Prije 3 dana

    Hello kylie i love you

  3. Laila Cele

    Laila CelePrije 6 dana

    Did anyone els see Travis scott

  4. Nr Pt

    Nr PtPrije 6 dana

    I think the reason stormi has great vocab is because kylie never babytalks her. She always talks to stormi normally.

  5. Tlycia.plays.Roblox

    Tlycia.plays.RobloxPrije 7 dana

    and I bright my Christmas tree was big

  6. Annette Nguyen

    Annette NguyenPrije 7 dana

    When Kylie said "I have a surprise for you." and Stormi said "Birkin." I was surprised that she knew what was a Birkin Bag.

  7. ATGV_Robloxsquad

    ATGV_RobloxsquadPrije 9 dana

    "ReAlLy SiMpLe" Yeah i know really simple😇

  8. bani bhattacharya

    bani bhattacharyaPrije 9 dana

    Sometimes work is better than investment

  9. Sabry Beatriz

    Sabry BeatrizPrije 10 dana

    Oh my God Stormi so cutte.

  10. Unai Corraliza

    Unai CorralizaPrije 11 dana

    "Get that door bell disconnected" LMFAOOOOO

  11. Erin

    ErinPrije 11 dana

    “We’re gonna get that doorbell disconnected” 😂

  12. Yalir Charlotte

    Yalir CharlottePrije 12 dana

    Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah nada

  13. Qarina Chaudry

    Qarina ChaudryPrije 12 dana

    Kylie: hi baby Stori:shuts the door on her

  14. FrenxhvanillaVEVO

    FrenxhvanillaVEVOPrije 14 dana

    Those are some cute polar bears ❤️ Kylie can I have them 😂 I can’t find any like those anywhere

  15. shinee kashyap

    shinee kashyapPrije 15 dana

    God they are born rich 💕

  16. colorchangingsoup

    colorchangingsoupPrije 18 dana

    2:57 who tf was that in the mirror

  17. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije 18 dana


  18. Erica.

    Erica.Prije 22 dana

    That kid is just an accessory to her lmao

  19. ken

    kenPrije 25 dana

    stormi is so cutee💓🥺

  20. Pizza Boy

    Pizza BoyPrije 27 dana


  21. da ledez

    da ledezPrije mjesec

    Hermosa mansión 😍

  22. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije mjesec


  23. Noe Florez

    Noe FlorezPrije mjesec

    💗❤💖💕😍 Love you kylie Jenner 🌷🌹

  24. Lunaapriliani didjaya

    Lunaapriliani didjayaPrije mjesec

    Lucuuu bgt argh

  25. Samreen Agha

    Samreen AghaPrije mjesec

    Stromi as 2yr old:giant playhouse Me as 6yr :giant box

  26. G0thd3buils

    G0thd3builsPrije mjesec

    hosue tour holmby hills please

  27. ~Lucy_Chan~

    ~Lucy_Chan~Prije mjesec

    Your baby's cute.

  28. Ibrahim Ibrahim.hoxha

    Ibrahim Ibrahim.hoxhaPrije mjesec

    hi kyli love

  29. L

    LPrije mjesec

    How did you fit your tree in your house

  30. Juliana Lima

    Juliana LimaPrije mjesec


  31. usama vlogs

    usama vlogsPrije mjesec

    My love❤️

  32. sudesh fernando

    sudesh fernandoPrije mjesec

    Just one single kid gets everythingggg , every comfort in the world even more than she needs .. just hope you all will share at least a bit of it with the kids who doesn’t even have a house , not a playhouse 😅 bless you

  33. Apichai Prongjai

    Apichai ProngjaiPrije mjesec

    So warm 🥺🤍

  34. Sharon fox

    Sharon foxPrije mjesec

    I want you to do a house tour

  35. Payel Sarkar

    Payel SarkarPrije mjesec

    Your. Baby girl is so cute ❤️

  36. Alexia Suazo

    Alexia SuazoPrije mjesec

    Mala feísima bruta se las creídas solo por ser rica

  37. Jennifer d'andrea

    Jennifer d'andreaPrije mjesec


  38. Mariela Loor

    Mariela LoorPrije mjesec


  39. Gune Lego

    Gune LegoPrije mjesec

    Luckiest child in this world🙂

  40. Iman Shalom01

    Iman Shalom01Prije mjesec

    jay wheeler 27/////////////5 ...

  41. Yolines Torres

    Yolines TorresPrije mjesec

    why is stormi's tiny home better then my real home D:

  42. Eva Olivia

    Eva OliviaPrije mjesec

    Diljeet dosanjh

  43. rihanna ♡︎

    rihanna ♡︎Prije 2 mjeseci

    kris 2021: I love u stormi Get that doorbell disconnected AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  44. Dipanwita Sarma

    Dipanwita SarmaPrije 2 mjeseci

    I want 🙄one tree

  45. Ep /Pe Chin

    Ep /Pe ChinPrije 2 mjeseci

    Stormi is so cute

  46. Martha Pei

    Martha PeiPrije 2 mjeseci

    Stormi is the ⬇️ Comment on what u think stormi is Mine is stormi is the sweetest

  47. Jannah Zahratul

    Jannah ZahratulPrije 2 mjeseci

    Kylie i love u so much ur the best I am a big fan and not trying to be rude but... ur kinda truning stormi to A little spoil when she grows up of course she's gonna do the same thing get spoiled and I think I am kinda being rude but I am very very sorry sorry I am so sorry

  48. zane phillips

    zane phillipsPrije 2 mjeseci

    If thats her simple how big is her going all outt

  49. Matilda Plays

    Matilda PlaysPrije 2 mjeseci


  50. natalia souza

    natalia souzaPrije 2 mjeseci

    omg stormi is so cute 💗😊

  51. Cynthia Rafferty

    Cynthia RaffertyPrije 2 mjeseci

    She's the cutest lil baby ever

  52. Naima

    NaimaPrije 2 mjeseci

    imagine you want to get a birkin but your mom and grandma gets you a house instead🙄


    GAMER ANGELPrije 2 mjeseci


  54. bren1.0

    bren1.0Prije 2 mjeseci

    No entiendo ni mergas pero las amooo 💕💕💕💕

  55. Alina Martinez

    Alina MartinezPrije 2 mjeseci

    her "simple" Christmas tree is my normal sized tree😂

  56. 3puttlife Society

    3puttlife SocietyPrije 2 mjeseci


  57. ɪsᴀʙᴇʟᴇ ǫᴜᴇɪʀᴏᴢ ᴅᴇ ᴊᴇsᴜs ᴊᴜʟɪᴀ̃ᴏ

    ɪsᴀʙᴇʟᴇ ǫᴜᴇɪʀᴏᴢ ᴅᴇ ᴊᴇsᴜs ᴊᴜʟɪᴀ̃ᴏPrije 2 mjeseci

    bem humilde né mores

  58. Anne Lim

    Anne LimPrije 2 mjeseci

    Watching From The Philippines 🇵🇭

  59. チャンナ伯爵

    チャンナ伯爵Prije 2 mjeseci

    I'll be waiting for you two to make some asmr videos

  60. Lucy

    LucyPrije 3 mjeseci

    Min. 1:56 Kylie: Not me, Santa Me: aHem

  61. Stefani Sales

    Stefani SalesPrije 3 mjeseci


  62. Stefani Sales

    Stefani SalesPrije 3 mjeseci


  63. Zaleha Zahoor

    Zaleha ZahoorPrije 3 mjeseci

    Imagine being picked as kylie jenners door

  64. Halloween Man

    Halloween ManPrije 3 mjeseci

    Did stormi just say "birkins"??? this kid knows whats up

  65. bluesky789

    bluesky789Prije 3 mjeseci

    Aww stroms

  66. Guadalupe Jaramillo

    Guadalupe JaramilloPrije 3 mjeseci


  67. White Wind

    White WindPrije 3 mjeseci

    Yeah real simple...🙄 Nice though

  68. Akshaya Anil

    Akshaya AnilPrije 3 mjeseci

    why Kris Jenner said get this door bell disconnected

  69. Naomi Jaime

    Naomi JaimePrije 3 mjeseci

    Omg! I love you huge house not because you are rich, if not how you decorate it, I still liked your daughter Stormi is very nice like you.☺☺

  70. Luna Jimenez

    Luna JimenezPrije 3 mjeseci

    Stormi ruling the world 🌎 I just know it

  71. yolo aventuras canal mx mejores

    yolo aventuras canal mx mejoresPrije 3 mjeseci



    LUIZA_TUBERPrije 4 mjeseci

    Stormi cute!

  73. Dezha Quinn

    Dezha QuinnPrije 4 mjeseci

    Why is it so hard to not be obsessed with the vibe of this family!

  74. シxxcryptiic

    シxxcryptiicPrije 4 mjeseci

    this is so cute 🙁

  75. Айсу Тагиева

    Айсу ТагиеваPrije 4 mjeseci

    I love Stormi, cutie💞

  76. Riya

    RiyaPrije 4 mjeseci

    Any indian scrolling down through these comments 🙄

  77. Alexis

    AlexisPrije 4 mjeseci

    Ima dress my child like stormi bc why not🙄

  78. kapi Kalawma Official

    kapi Kalawma OfficialPrije 4 mjeseci

    Hman zan ah k mumang h k hmuche

  79. Wooloowooloo Wooloowooloo

    Wooloowooloo WooloowoolooPrije 4 mjeseci

    Can I be stormis friend please!!!!

  80. lahkeema dickey

    lahkeema dickeyPrije 4 mjeseci

    Where are your presents for everybody else I know you got stormy the playhouse but where's everybody else gifts

  81. lahkeema dickey

    lahkeema dickeyPrije 4 mjeseci

    I am your kid your nieces and nephews and your sister's biggest fan mostly your nieces and nephews biggest fan and your daughter stormy

  82. lahkeema dickey

    lahkeema dickeyPrije 4 mjeseci

    Kylie I love your tree and I love the mini playhouse that you gift it's

  83. Gabriela Sanchez arzaluz

    Gabriela Sanchez arzaluzPrije 4 mjeseci


  84. Gabriela Sanchez arzaluz

    Gabriela Sanchez arzaluzPrije 4 mjeseci

    Te amo

  85. Naya Jarbou

    Naya JarbouPrije 4 mjeseci

    :38 very simple and there is like 10 trees in her house that takes months to be organized

  86. Karina Lopez

    Karina LopezPrije 4 mjeseci

    Is it me or it gave me a lot of tenderness when he said "hi HRcharts" stormi 🙂❤️

  87. Elura Jamatia

    Elura JamatiaPrije 4 mjeseci

    I wish i was Stormi ♡

  88. Meklit Mom

    Meklit MomPrije 4 mjeseci

    Fnigers crosed i wish for i was stormyy i wish kyle give some give aways


    SRI SRI DEB THAKURPrije 4 mjeseci

    Khub bhalo laglo. Excellent. I am Sri Sri Deb Thakur from Guru Kripa Ashram. God bless to all.

  90. Samikshya Sahoo

    Samikshya SahooPrije 4 mjeseci

    As kris gifted kylie a Ferrari or a luxurious car on her 18 th birthday. I think kylie will buy one fourth of earth for her. Or burj Khalifa fir storm or she will gonna buy a country and name it stormie

  91. ᴘʀᴇᴘᴘʏ.ᴘʜɪᴇᴇ

    ᴘʀᴇᴘᴘʏ.ᴘʜɪᴇᴇPrije 4 mjeseci


  92. Amy Carolina

    Amy CarolinaPrije 4 mjeseci

    Alguien en español o soy la única

  93. navya's world

    navya's worldPrije 4 mjeseci

    Istg if I'm not stormi's kid...

  94. Trailer Español

    Trailer EspañolPrije 4 mjeseci


  95. Zoe Kanyati

    Zoe KanyatiPrije 4 mjeseci

    Adorable 🥰

  96. ☘BTS V☘

    ☘BTS V☘Prije 4 mjeseci

    I love you KYLIE💖STORMI

  97. Jamie Bennett

    Jamie BennettPrije 4 mjeseci

    Stormi speaks great language

  98. Moshi

    MoshiPrije 4 mjeseci

    Stormi: *Gets a house Me: lIfE iN tHe DrEaMhOuSe

  99. Diana

    DianaPrije 5 mjeseci

    Beautiful what a beautiful baby and home. Celebrate and enjoy your success.

  100. Analise Lettner

    Analise LettnerPrije 5 mjeseci

    kylie are you chin man in disguise I'm sorry but I need to know